It's a sad truth that a pool sometimes has a leak either in the pool shell itself or in the plumbing and filtration system. Any leak in a pool can cause large problems and should be addressed as quickly as possible.
Don't let your pool drain you...
We are capable of finding and repairing any leak. Once it is confirmed that the pool has a leak, we can carry out the comprehensive pressure test of all the plumbing lines in order to determine which plumbing line is leaking.
I was having a huge water bill every month and always suspected that the pool is leaking from somewhere. They explained to me in details about ruling out the causes of leak and I am really happy that Zodiac Pools not only detected the leak by carrying out the pressure test (very professionally) but also rectified the leak. Couldn’t be more impressed with the job well done.quote2

Mr. Steve Morgan Jumeirah Park, Dubai

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